#104 The Perfect T-Shirt
#104 The Perfect T-Shirt

#104 The Perfect T-Shirt

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This is a T-Shirt pattern unlike any you have ever tried before! It is made for a "real" woman, and addresses the most common fitting issues we face - high round back, forward shoulder, full hip and bust, and a good fit through the shoulder and neck. Design details include an "essence of waist", flattering shirt tail hemline, three necklines, and four sleeve lengths.

This pattern is available as a paper pattern or digital download. The digital download includes both the PAH / Print At Home and A0 / Copy Shop Formats. For digital printing guidelines and help, click here.

Want free Perfect T-Shirt hacks? Click on the link below!

Stretch Lace T-Shirt Top


Suggested Fabric: Good quality knit fabric including cotton, polyester, rayon, lycra/spandex, stretch lace, stretch velvet, and light weight fleece.

Fabric required: 3/4 Length or Long Sleeve T-Shirt - 1 5/8 yd. of 60" wide fabric. Short Sleeve T-Shirt - 1 1/4 yd. of 60" wide fabric.

  • Good quality polyester thread
  • Knit Stay Tape (neckline)
  • Woven Stay Tape (shoulders)
  • Double Sided Fusible Stay Tape (hems)
  • Optional - The Perfect T-Shirt Instructional DVD

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