From Pamela...

"I have had the unique opportunity to work with hundreds of women over the years to help them achieve a good fit from commercial patterns. While doing this, I found that many of the pattern adjustments we were doing were consistent for the majority of women. As a result, the patterns have been designed to reflect these common changes, resulting in less changes to the pattern and garment during the construction process. Commercial patterns go through a computer drafting program that doesn't allow for these common changes to be made. Pamela's Patterns are hand drafted with many prototypes before they go into production. I hope you enjoy these patterns as much as I enjoyed making them!"


Pamela Leggett joins Nancy Zieman for a 2 part series - Sew the Perfect T-Shirt on PBS Sewing With Nancy. 

Sew The Perfect T-Shirt Part One

Sew The Perfect T-Shirt Part Two