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#127 Modern Peignoir Ensemble

Combine a gorgeous robe and flowy pants for a nighttime ensemble too pretty to wear just for bed.

The robe or topper will look as good with jeans and a T‑shirt as it will for relaxing at bedtime. Made entirely on the serger, it features a front band, tie belt, drop shoulder and wide "faux" cuffs. 4‑thread seaming, secured ends, unique straight hemming, and belt points will all be shown – skills that will translate handily into future projects.

The flowy no-side-seam pants have many possibilities. Leave them wide at the hem or turn them into a jogger-style hem. The waist is a comfy elastic and can be made with or without a ruffly top edging. Cut them shorter, and you have adorable "shorties"! Made with a serger and a sewing machine, you won’t believe how fast these go together. And who says you can’t make them into daytime beachy pants? Nobody!

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