#125 All Things Jeans
#125 All Things Jeans
#125 All Things Jeans
#125 All Things Jeans
#125 All Things Jeans
#125 All Things Jeans

#125 All Things Jeans

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Your one stop pattern for All Things Jeans. A pattern to span different styles and silhouettes so you can use it for years and styles to come.

Do you like a fitted or looser style? Covered. How about a choice of rise - low, high, or somewhere in between? Got that too! Fitting is key when making jeans, and we partner with the Palmer/Pletsch fitting methods to ensure a great fit.

Styles change every few years, so we make a commitment to keep you updated through online tutorials for the latest styles to help you achieve the most from your basic pattern.

These jeans feature all the iconic details plus updated techniques that are fun to learn and execute. You’ll love Pamela’s approach to bulk-free details on pockets, waistband, and zipper.


Suggested Fabric

Denim or any bottom-weight fabric such as corduroy, twill, heavy linen, wool/blends. Ideally 10%-15% stretch, but there will be info on using nonstretch or more-stretch fabrics.

Required Fabric

  • 54"-60" wide
  • XS-L: 2½yds
  • XL-3X: 3yds
  • ¾ yd quilting cotton for pockets and waistband lining
  • 12" (or longer) medium duty nylon zipper (will customize for length)
  • Polyester sewing thread to match fabric for construction
  • Heavy thread for topstitching (Pamela's fave - Gutermann Mara 70 topstitching thread, denim gold #1336 wawak.com)
  • Schmetz Chrome Jeans needles in size 100/16
  • Palmer/Pletsch Light Interfacing for waistband
  • Sewkeyse Stay Tapes - 1 ¼" Knit Stay Tape Interfacing (zipper, back pockets), ½" Knit Stay Tape (front pockets), 1" Double-sided Fusible Stay Tape (belt loops)
  • Fantastic Elastic (used as waistband interfacing)
  • Jeans tack button

Optional (but great to have!)

  • Seam Sealant (fray check/fray block)
  • Buttonhole punch/cutter
  • Sewline Fabric Pencil (white lead)
  • Fit and Sew Custom Jeans book by Helen Bartley of Palmer/Pletsch
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