The Difference

What Makes Pamela's Patterns Different?

I have had the unique opportunity to work with hundreds of women over the years to help them achieve a good fit from commercial patterns. While doing this, I found that many of the pattern adjustments we were doing were consistent for the majority of women. As a result, I decided to design patterns that reflect these common changes, resulting in less changes to the pattern and garment during the construction process.

Commercial patterns go through a computer drafting program that doesn't allow for these common changes to be made. Pamela's Patterns are hand drafted with many prototypes before they go into production.

Pamela's Patterns instructions are written as if you were taking a class with Pamela as your instructor! There are simple to follow instructions and plenty of fitting advice so that you get the best fitting garment possible.

For even more in depth sewing and fitting instruction, view one of her instructional DVD's!

Click here for more information on measuring yourself to pick the correct size for Pamela's Patterns!

Here are just a few things that make Pamela's Patterns different from commercial patterns:

Commercial Patterns Pamela's Patterns
Shoulder seam sits too far back. A forward shoulder is built into the pattern.
Shoulder seam extends too far. Shoulder seam is smaller to give a more realistic fit.
Back neckline is not high enough, causing shirts to "fall" back. A high round back is incorporated to keep the shirt where it should be.
Armholes are too long, creating a pucker in the armhole area. The option to petite the shirt and armhole area to bring the armhole higher.
Garment pulls across the bust due to a full bustline. Choose from two fronts - darted and undarted for a smooth finish no matter what your cup size!.
Too much fabric in the waist area. Built -in "essence of waist".
Too tight though the hips. More generous in the hip area.
Sizing never seems to be right. More realistic sizing.