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Stay Tape


Double Sided Fusible: Knit fabrics can be super stretchy. Keep the hems smooth and even by fusing this tape to the wrong side of the hems. If the seam is curved, clip the tape to help form around the curves. When the tape has cooled from the iron, peel the release paper off and press up the hem. It gives you a perfect 1" hem without measuring. For a narrower hem, just trim the tape to the desired width. Finish off by stitching with a slight zigzag stitch (width of 1.0) and steam - or block - back in shape. Beautiful ripple free hems! Uses: hems, apply trims.

Woven: This is a stable tape with little stretch. Fuse it to the back edge of the shoulder seam and serge or stitch the front and back together. Nice stable shoulder seams that don't sag! Uses: shoulder seams, srotch seam, stabilize center front of cardigans.

Knit: This tape will form easily around curves. Fuse it to the wrong side of the neckline edge to keep it stable and prevent "gaposis". When you stitch the neck binding on, it gives you not only stability, but an edge to follor for the perfect seam allowance! Uses: Hems, Necklines, Side Seams & Sleeves Seams in Laces.

Knit Interfacing: This is a high quality interfacing cut into a 1-1/4" width. It will stabilize the front of the knit cardigan style top, hems in woven fabric, and zipper areas. Smooth looking and a convenient size! Uses: hems, cardigan fronts.

25yd roll

A note on Double-Sided Stay Tape: The manufacturer of this product was forced to close down due to C-19, and we are waiting on the container to ship from overseas. Once here, it needs to be cut and packaged. We have hundreds of back orders to fill (we have been out of this since early May!), so we are temporarily taking it off the website until we have it back in stock. We are hopeful that this will be sometime in October. If you would like to be notified when it is back in stock, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line: DSST. We love (and miss) our Double Sided Stay Tape!

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