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  • Smoothing Shapewear

Smoothing Shapewear

Instructor: Pamela Leggett

About this item

Modern shapewear doesn't have to be torturous - that is, if you make your own! Clothing will fit better, hang better, look better - and you’ll still be able to breather and be comfortable. Reducing shapewear squishes body "fluff" to a new location, but Smoothing Shapewear will do just what it says - make you look smoother. The Secret? Pamela's Power Panels! Finally - you can have shapewear that is simple to fit and inexpensive to make. And you can wear it all day and still be comfortable!

In this workshop you will be making two items, the amazing Underbust Cami and the Hollywood Undies.

Kit Fee: $55 includes lycra, power net, elastic, liner, and pattern

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