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Sewing Tips

Printable Sewing Tips

A collection of Sewing Tips that Pamela uses in her classes and workshops. If you are a sewing instructor or presenting a program to your sewing group, you are welcome to print and distribute any of this information to use as you wish. And if you can, give a shout-out to Pamela's Patterns!

Perfect Dart Sewing

Serger Darts for Knits

10 Tips for Knits

Lower Dart, Shorten Armhole, Narrow Shoulder

Fusible Stay Tapes by SewKeysE

Perfect Fuse Interfacing Overview

Check the Stretch of Your Knit Fabric

  • Hold 10" of fabric (going with the stretch) against a ruler.
  • With your right hand, stretch fabric as far as it will comfortably go.
  • If it stretches easily to 12" you have 20% stretch.

Did you know? Multisize patterns are gauged for the largest of the size range. If you fall in the smaller end of the size range, you may need to take in the side seams.

Can I use #103, The T-Shirt Makeover for other garment reconstruction?
 Absolutely!! This is one of my favorite things to do! I use this pattern to "makeover" polo style shirts, sweatshirts, and even sweaters (you'll want a serger for the sweaters!). If the garment I am working with is bulky, I always add some "just in case" seam allowance at the side and sleeve seams - you can always take it in if you don't need it!

T-Shirt Makeover
T-Shirt Makeover
T-Shirt Makeover
T-Shirt Makeover