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PerfectFuse™ Interfacing


PerfectFuse™ Sheer is the perfect interfacing for collars, cuffs and plackets. Don’t let the name fool you, this versatile weight is great for adding crispness and stability. It works great with lightweight fabrics such as polyester, silk, cotton, stretch wovens and knits.

PerfectFuse™ Light is suitable for most fabrics that need extra body. This is the designers interfacing of choice to underline jackets. It works beautifully for front and neckline facings and prevents stretch in buttonholes. Use this for hand wovens, linen, crepe, lightweight wools, stretch wovens and knits.

PerfectFuse™ Medium contains rayon for extra softness and feel. It adds just the right weight for lined and unlined jackets, waistbands for skirts and pants as well as hems. Use this interfacing when you need just a little more body. Use this for, linen, crepe, wools, stretch wovens and gaberdines.

PerfectFuse™ Tailor has the hand of cashmere with a little gentle give making it very pliable and soft. This is a premium quality interfacing, worth the extra money it costs, is perfect for tailoring jackets and coats. It can be used for all types of fabric with fabulous results.

Interfacing size: 1yd x 60" wide.

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