Pattern Tips & Corrections

I used to get so frustrated when I found a mistake in a pattern. It meant wasted time trying to figure something out that just wasn't working. I would wonder how the pattern designer could have let it slip by.

Oh yeah, now I understand! No matter how many times I proofed (or had someone proof for me), mistakes do happen! I guess I'll take comfort in the Amish, who believe that only God is perfect!

As patterns get reprinted, corrections get made. Here are some you can check against your patterns, as well as some tips to help you get better results. If you see something I have missed, be sure to let me know! [email protected]

Helpful Tip
Using Heat 'n Bond Lite:
We have eliminated using this product since it is rather heavy and stiff for today's knits. Check out our new line of Stay Tapes at the online store. Watch this YouTube video to see how they work!

Helpful Tip
Did you know? Multisize patterns are gauged for the largest of the size range. If you fall in the smaller end of the size range, you may need to take in the side seams.

#106 Pamela's Favorite Bias Skirt Sizing- For patterns purchased prior to 1-/1/14, the hip measurement for size Large should read 46"-49" (but you probably figured that one out!)

#107 New Necklines & Sleeves:   If you purchased the pattern prior to May 2009, the template and directions for the Boat Neckline Style were not very easy to understand. Here are the new templates with easy-to-understand directions
Revised Boatneck Front
Revised Boatneck Back
Revised Boatneck Darted Front

Helpful Tip
#109 The Magic Pencil Skirt and #113 Pants... Perfected! (Magic Pants) How to check for 20% stretch in your fabric.