Palmer / Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting

Palmer / Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting


Learn all facets of pattern fitting and alteration to give you the background and guidance needed to achieve a custom fit on any pattern from any company, including the following:

  • Take just one measurement for tops and one for skirts to determine the right pattern size. Find out what to do if you are between sizes or a different size top and bottom.
  • ake a body map with a close-fitting dress pattern to see how you differ from the “standard” on which sewing patterns are based.
  • Learn from real people examples of a variety of bodies and their individual alterations.
  • Use the book’s new wrinkle dictionary to identify a needed pattern alteration. Wrinkles point to the problem, say the authors, and now you can look up the page reference for a solution.

Throughout the book, step-by step instructions are accompanied by full-color photography and a new style of technical art that is extremely clear. Short captions explain each illustration.

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