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What Customers are Saying

From Beth,

I just want to thank you for the wonderfully drafted patterns that you sell. I have had the T-Shirt pattern for awhile now and it is the only one I use. I can change up the neck, length and sleeves and I have something different every time. Shoulders and bust are just right for me and I love it. 

I just recently purchased your Draped Front Cardigan and it fits perfect! I did not make any adjustments, just copied off the Med and it fits beautifully. I get so discouraged when I measure and make adjustments to the big 4 patterns and they never turn out. Your patterns are now my TNT.

From Mary on Pattern Review

I could not believe how much I learned in this wonderful 85 minute color DVD(The Perfect T-Shirt). Pamela Leggett is the founder and designer of Pamela's Patterns and she is also an outstanding sewing educator. She does use the Palmer/Pletsch pattern fitting method; however, even if you are not familiar with this method, her T-Shirt Pattern includes different styles and sizes of shirts and you choose the fit and neckline style accoring to your body type. The instructional video goes into detail about working with knits, and the visuals of cutting and sewing knits are excellent! 

From Karen

I have been having a blast "re-making" my old t-shirts with your T-Shirt Makeover pattern (and DVD). It's like getting really cute new t-shirts for free!

From Jayne

I thought I would let you know that I just got your T-Shirt Makeover pattern and DVD yesterday and watched the DVD last night. You sure did a wonderful job on that. Anyway, I was a little skeptical about the somewhat curved waist because I am 62 years old and lost my waist years ago!! Nonetheless, I tried the pattern today after taking the measurements and am TOTALLY THRILLED with the results. Thank you!!!!

From Beth in Georgia

Has anyone told you lately how great these patterns are? I have the T-Shirt, Tank, now the T-Shirt Makeover and the Skirt and I love every one of them. I cannot believe the fit!!!

I have been sewing for over 40 years and have never ever had the fit in a top like yours. I don't know how you did it, but thank you. I have made so many of the t-shirt that I can't even count, they fit that good. The T-Shirt Makeover is so much fun to do, I travel a lot and always pick up a shirt from wherever I am and never wear them as they are so big, not anymore, thanks to you. What fun.

From Carol in North Carolina

I failed sewing in High School. I just took a class on making T-shirts using your pattern. I can't believe how wonderful they fit and look! You have made my life go from feeling like a failure to feeling and looking like a million dollars! (My high school teacher would turn over in her grave) WOW! I look great.

From Nancy in Illinois

I recieved my patterns for the T-Shirt Makeover and the Perfect T-Shirt, and just finished altering seven t-shirts that I thought I would never wear again. I was so excited that I even looked in the winter clothes to see if I had any long sleeve shirts to remake. I have also cut out a new t-shirt to make from the Perfect T-Shirt pattern to sew, but have to take time to make my husband dinner. He has been so patient, but is happy to see that I don't havge to go out and buy new t-shirts that might not even fit, so he has waited for me to finish my altering. Thanks again for the great patters, and keep up the good work.

From Lela

Last spring I ordered three of your patterns: #103, 104, & 107. I didn't have time to use them until two weeks ago. WOW! All three patterns are wonderful, and my favorite t-shirts now are flattering instead of frumpy. I'm so excited that I've ordered some great knit fabric to make more t-shirts. Finally I'll have the clothes I've wanted for a long time.

From Lisa

I have to say a huge THANK YOU!

I am LOVING your Perfect T-Shirt pattern! Your video was an amazing help! I had absolutely no experience with knits and yet I've made 3 shirts to date with little trouble... Two cotton knits and one poly-something knot (which I love but which was difficult to sew until I ditched the ballpoint needle in favor of the stretch needle as per your instructions). I don't think I'd have had such success without your video. I plan to make more with a variety of necklines and fabrics.

From Gail

First, let me thank you for the Perfect T-Shirt Pattern. I got it last year, was amazed it fit right without any alterations, and have sewn up at least 18 PERFECT t-shirts for myself. They have become my go to item when it's time to get dressed, no matter what the occasion.

From Sharon

Thank you, thank you, thank you--a thousand times, thank you! I am not the most slim person ;-), but was tired of looking like a "bag lady", and in desperation, decided to try your T-Shirt Makeover Pattern. WOW!! I have sewed for years, but never thought of making over a t-shirt. Your pattern is awesome! I have made-over 4 of my "men's t-shirts" so far, and I love them.

We had a campaign at Church & several of us had to wear a shirt with the logo on it. A couple of the other ladies commented on how nicely my t-shirt fit...

Thanks again for your wonderful pattern--keep up the good work!

From Marilyn in Kansas

Thank you for designing a pattern that fits me! I knew I was going to love it the first time I tried it on - I didn't even have the side seams sewn and I knew it was going to fit beautifully. I made the darted version and the darts are in the right place. Your instructions are very easy to follow and full of helpful suggestions.

In high school (back in the late 50's) I could cut out a size 12, sew it up and wear it. Now I am much older and my body has changed so much I don't recognize myself in the mirror. I am frustrated with RTW clothing and with making all the  necessary pattern adjustments for a garment to fit properly and look nice on my "old lady" body.

I hope you continue to design for real women, I'm looking forward to new patterns.

From Carol, United Kingdom

I bought your Perfect T-Shirt a couple of months ago but finally made it up last night! (Why does life get in the way of stitching?!!) I have quite a few fitting issues & I can't remember when I last made up a pattern straight out of the envelope &, WOW, there you are - IT FITS. Not only it fits but it FLATTERS. I'm on a roll now!

I was a bit doubtful about ordering as I am from the UK & I know that US choices about fit & ease are sometimes quite different from ours, but I am delighted with the result, so now I'm ordering the Tank Top as well, along with some supplies.

Thanks again, from one happy stitcher.

From Ellyn in Pennsylvania

Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your T-Shirt Makeover pattern.

For my first try, I used an old Phillies shirt that had never been worn because it was a men's long-sleeved XXL - I'm only 5 feet tall and wear a 12-14 petite. The shirt came to my knees and was overwhelmingly large.

I used a medium for the neck and shoulders and cut on the large from armhole to hem as I'm pretty chesty. The fit is great, even without darts. I used the 'petite' alteration for the armholes. I love the shaped waist as well.

I can't wait to make more. I have drawers full of T's and knit tops that I don't wear because of poor fit. This pattern will let them all see the light of day!