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Garment Sewing

Welt Pocket and Bound Buttonholes Workshop

CLASS TYPE: Hands-on

LENGTH: Half day

Bound Buttonholes and Welt Pockets - both are indicative of a well made garment, but have always been a time consuming endeavor. Now you can throw out the "old school" methods and learn how to make them accurately and quickly.

Set-In Sleeve and Mitered Vent Workshop

CLASS TYPE: Hands-on

LENGTH: Half day

Did you know that properly set-in sleeve doesn't require ironing? This workshop will teach you how to check your sleeve before cutting to get a "puckerless" cap, put in a flawless bound sleeve head and set shoulder pads that will never show through. Then finish off the sleeve with a mitered vent that takes only minutes to learn and perfect.

Designer Details

CLASS TYPE: Hands-on


KIT FEE: $20

Are you ready to make that perfect garment but afraid that it will look homemade? The difference between "just OK" and "fabulous" are often simple techniques in stitching, pressing, and products. This class will show you tricks-of-the-trade to make your garments look professional. Master designer hems, serged French seams, perfect darts and collars, smooth facings, sew-in elastics, and more!

Collars and Lapels

CLASS TYPE: Hands-on

LENGTH: All day

This class will show you some innovative new twchniques to let you achieve the best -and most accurate- collars and lapels ever! The techniques are not limited to just tailoring, but are also very useful on blouses, dresses and unstructured jackets. They are guaranteed to cut your sewing time by a third and always look professional. You will learn about no fail interfacings, understitching, perfect corners, and linings.