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Fantastic Elastic


About this item

A note from Pamela to all of the amazing and generous sew-ers making face masks for those in need:

Did you know that Fantastic Elastic can be cut lengthwise down to 1/4" wide?  That means that each 4 yd package will yield 20 - 24 yds of soft durable elastic for face mask making!

If you want to know more about the best practices for cutting the elastic to narrow widths, watch this short video: 

Here at Pamela's Patterns, this year will always be remembered, among other things, as The Great Elastic Shortage of 2020!

Thank you for your service to others.

1 ½" wide
 4 yard package 

Change how you use elastic forever! Available in white and black.

Fantastic Elastic will change how you use elastic forever! Now you can master elastic with a ready-to-wear look! Fantastic Elastic is 1-1/2" wide but can be cut lengthwise to virtually any width, down to 1/4", without raveling or compromising the stretch. This elastic gives Pamela's Favorite Bias Skirt (#106) and The Magic Pencil Skirt (#109), or any garment you make, a smooth waistline finish!

Easy to follow instructions included