Changing Patterns

Questions to Pamela about Pamela's Patterns

Have fun and experiment! And please let me know if you come up with any fantastic ideas - maybe you will be featured here with your next project!

Can I make additional neckline changes to #103, The T-Shirt Makeover?
With just a little extra work, and pattern #104 or #107, you can change the neckline of your purchased T-Shirt. Use the neckline templates and instructions from either of these patterns to accomplish the change. You will most likely have some fabric left over from the bottom of the purchased T-Shirt to use for the neckline binding. If not, find a knit fabric in your stash!

Can I add a shelf bra to #105, The Perfect Tank Top?
Although the pattern is designed to hide your bra and bra straps, you can also easily add a shelf bra. Extend the front and back facing pieces 6" longer and constuct the pattern as directed, without trimming back the facing to the topstitching. Try the Tank on to determine if you need to shorten the facing (It should fit snugly up against the bottom of your bust). Add elastic to the bottom, and you have created a shelf bra!

Can I use woven fabrics for the Perfect T-Shirt and Perfect Tank Top?
Yes, you can, but you will need to do some extra work, as the patterns are designed for knits.

For The Perfect T-Shirt - You may want to consider using the darted version, unless there is a very small (2" or less) difference between the high bust and full bust measurements. Add an extra 3/4" "just in case" seam allowance to each side seam (3/8" to the sleeve seam). Do not use the jewel or funnel neckline - they won't go over your head! Cut your neckline binding on the bias of the fabric.

For The Perfect Tank Top - Just as stated above, you may want to use the darted Front pattern piece. Add 1" "just in case" seam allowance to the sides of the tank and facings. Baste one side seam together all the way, and baste from the armhole down 2" on the other side. Fit this to you, pinning the opening together, and adjust to fit. Take out the basting, add an invisible zipper to one side, starting with the zipper pull 1" from the bottom edge, and ending a couple inches from the armhole. Construct the rest of the Tank Top as directed.

How can I make the Perfect Tank Top cover a wider bra strap?

*This example adds 1/2" to the existing strap

1. Cut strap width 1" wider

2. Add 1/4" to the pattern (as shown)

3. Sew as instructed.


Can I use #103, The T-Shirt Makeover for other garment reconstruction?
Absolutely!! This is one of my favorite things to do! I use this pattern to "makeover" polo style shirts, sweatshirts, and even sweaters (you'll want a serger for the sweaters!). If the garment I am working with is bulky, I always add some "just in case" seam allowance at the side and sleeve seams - you can always take it in if you don't need it!