Behind the Scenes

Shipping, Website, and Social Media, Jessie

With an online business, shipping is a HUGE part of what goes on with Pamela's Patterns. Jessie takes care of all of this, keeping orders running smoothly, even when I am traveling to teach.  She also keeps the website up-to-date and helps this social media reject (me!) stay on task.

Typesetting and Layout, Joanne

Joanne makes Pamela's Patterns look good in print. We have worked together for almost twenty years now developing newsletters and marketing. She takes whatever I give her, arranges it beautifully, cleans up my attempts at artwork and is my sounding board on ideas. Her dedication over the years has been invaluable!

Videographer, Shannon

Shannon, who I call the Renaissance Woman, is truly one talented lady! I met her when she took classes from me, and was very happy when she agreed to film Pamela's Patterns instructional DVD's. Despite her subjects (me!) silliness and nervousness, she manages to get all the techniques to look wonderful and clear.

Website Design, Jon

Jon Siterlet, owner of Digital 42, has been a tremendous help and inspiration for Pamela's Patterns website.  Unlike any other webhost company I have worked with, he is available, innovative and skilled.  I feel very blessed to have him as a part of the team, and highly recommend him to anyone who needs a new website! You can contact Jon via his website.