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  • 1" Double Sided Fusible Stay Tape

1" Double Sided Fusible Stay Tape


About this item

The manufacturer of this product was forced to close down due to C-19. If you would still like to order it, we will send it to you as soon as we get it back in stock. We are hoping for that to happen within a month - we love our Double Side Stay Tape!

Knit fabrics can be super stretchy.

Keep the hems smooth and even by fusing this tape to the wrong side of the hems. If the seam is curved, clip the tape to help form around the curves. When the tape has cooled from the iron, peel the release paper off and press up the hem. It gives you a perfect 1" hem without measuring. For a narrower hem, just trim the tape to the desired width. Finish off by stitching with a slight zigzag stitch (width of 1.0) and steam - or block - back in shape. Beautiful ripple free hems!

Uses: Hems, Apply Trims.

25 yd roll.