Lectures / Demos

Knits and Fits

CLASS TYPE: Lecture / Demo / Trunk Show

LENGTH: 1-3 Hours

Take the fear out of selecting, cutting and sewing stretchy, slinky knit fabrics. Find out the easiest way to cut, the best machine and stitches to use, plus ready-to-wear secrets to get your seams, necklines, and hems to lay smooth. Learn what you can do to make your garments fit better than anything you can buy and easy ways to correct the most common fitting problems.

Elastics 101


LENGTH: Two hours

Pamela's article for Threads Magazine (number 115) is all about elastics- where to find them, how to use them, what elastic is best for which garment. Who knew there was so much to learn about elastics? This class will show you - up close and personal - how to use and care for the many types on the market today. Find out what works (and what doesn't) to make your garments look professional and more ready-to-wear!

Getting Pants / Skirts to Fit


LENGTH: Two hours

As our figures mature, it is a real challenge to get pants and skirts to fit properly. This class will show you how to identify the differences between a standard pattern and your unique shape. Learn how to remove the "baggies" from the back of pants, get the right depth in the crotch curve and get the waistband just right and comfy. For skirts, the key is getting the dart placement to hide, not accentuate, undesirable curves and have the seams hang straight for hassle-free hemming. Mastering great fitting pants and skirts mean no more frustrating shopping trips!

Pattern Fitting and Alterations

CLASS TYPE: Lecture/Demo

LENGTH: Two Hours

Fitting your patterns before you cut them from fabric is the real key to successful garment sewing. “Real” women have fitting issues to deal with no matter what their size. Learn what you can do to make your garments fit better than anything you can buy. We’ll discuss fitting issues such as high round back, forward and/or narrow shoulder, bust, abdomen and hips. You’ll learn some easy ways to correct the most common fitting problems!

20 Tips to Improve ALL of your Fashion Sewing


LENGTH: Two Hours

This presentation, created by Patti Palmer, is just the trick to show you how little changes in your sewing can make a BIG difference! Using a power point presentation and lots of samples, Pamela will guide you on how to refine your skills, choose proper interfacings, overcome fitting challenges, use your sewing notions and improve your sewing accuracy. This seminar will give you a new way to look at and overcome all your sewing difficulties!

Sensational Sergers

CLASS TYPE: Lecture/Demo

LENGTH: Two - Three Hours

A great class for serger owners old and new! Pamela’s experiences with the serger have been chronicled since 2000 in Threads Magazine. Spend time and really learn what your serger can do for you besides just finish an edge. Maintenance, threading, tensions, differential feed, rolled hem, flatlocking, lace, and more will be demonstrated. Plus you will see a vast array of samples to inspire future projects. A wonderful way to learn the full potential of your serger. You will also get the latest scoop on Coverstitching!

Designer Details

CLASS TYPE: Lecture/demo

LENGTH: 1-3 Hours


Are you ready to make that perfect garment but afraid that it will look homemade? The difference between "just OK" and "fabulous" are often simple techniques in stitching, pressing, and products. This class will show you tricks-of-the-trade to make your garments look professional. Master designer hems, serged French seams, perfect darts and collars, smooth facings, sew-in elastics, and more!

Interfacings, Stay Tapes and Pressing Techniques


LENGTH: 1-2 hours

Are you frustrated with interfacings selection you find in most stores? You should be since many of the interfacings available for home sewers are for craft projects and not suitable for fine garments. With the right interfacing you can have success with any garment! Perfect Fuse Interfacing by Palmer/Pletsch is a high quality weft insertion interfacing that is used by top designers all over the world. It is a simple-to-use system that can bring order and understanding to the whole "what interfacing should I use " question.

Controlling knit fabrics has become more challenging with the many blends and weights available. Learn about the new lightweight Stay Tapes and how they can improve and control those tricky knits.

Pressing tools and techniques have dramatically improved over the last decade. Get up to speed on the best irons, the best way to press during garment construction and what tools you will need to get the best results.

Working with Chiffons, Sheers and Silky Fabrics


LENGTH: One - Three Hours

CLAS TYPE: Lecture/Demo

Fabricholics everywhere love to collect beautiful silky and sheer fabrics, but then are afraid to use them! This class with eliminate the fear and empower you to get them out of the stash and into clothing! Learn how to choose the right project, stabilize and cut the fabric, proper needles and threads and durable seams and hems. There will also be a bonus blouse project offered to all who attend.

Personalized Dress Form


CLASS TYPE: Lecture/Demo

A dress from is a useful tool for garments and design. The problem is getting one to fit your curves and "scallops". custom made froms are expensive and can't be altered, and duct tape forms may collapse over time. Learn how to use an adjustable from that you will "build and pad" to look just like you! Other than the dress from, the supplies are simple - a bra and undies, batting and fiberfill and some bandaging from the drug store. The best thing is that you will be able to change it as your body changes!

Upcycle T-Shirts, Polo's, Sweaters and more!

LENGTH: One Hour

CLASS TYPE: Lecture/Demo

Do you have collections of over-sized T-shirts from vacations, activites, concerts, etc? What about ill-fitting polo's, sweaters, hoodies and knit tops? Thanks to the T-Shirt Makeover technique, you can take those items and turn them into fitted and stylish tops you'll be proud to wear anywhere. The technique is simple, fast and easy to learn - even for a beginner. In no time you could have nice fitting garments!